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Green handmade decorations

A Christmas calendar

Make a string of small paper bags containing surprises and hung with small pins for a nice advent calendar. Or just hang up your old Christmas cards!

You can also try this colorful version that will appeal to children!

A cork tree

Easy to make this Christmas tree is completely diVIN, right?

Candles and cinnamon sticks

For the atmosphere at home to be pleasantly warm, count on these candles and cinnamon sticks! Note that you can use ribbon instead of rope.

An embellished cane

Amaze the gallery with a simple cane! Just wrap it in jute and garnish with seasonal decorations, like pine cones. Discover the instructions for making your decorative preserves here.


Original centerpieces that can suit any occasion. For the holidays, they can be adorned with spruce branches, balls and pine cones.

An ornamental mug

For a change of Christmas baubles, why not create a pretty landscape in a recycled little mug? Check out the instructions for making your ornamental mugs here..

A starry ornament with clothes pins

Create the most beautiful ornaments for your tree! Use clothespins, paint and a little glue. Find the instructions right here.

A fabric garland

A garland to make with the children with scraps of fabric just like in the days of our grandparents.

An original nutcracker

A nutcracker made from terracotta pots to decorate the house.

If you're ambitious, you can also make a giant nutcracker yourself to stand guard in front of the house!


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