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Gift ideas for teachers

Some sweets

Teachers generally appreciate chocolates, Christmas cookies, caramel with fleur de sel, jams, etc. We find the idea very good! On the other hand, it is better to make sure that the teacher in question has no food allergy or intolerance.

Wine or other alcohol

Many teachers would certainly like to receive a bottle, and discover a wine or other local alcohol. If you don't know which bottles to choose, you can opt for La Boite à vins. One of their sommeliers will carefully choose a bottle of Quebec wine, which is not usually available at the SAAQ. This way you make sure you have a unique gift!

Coffee or tea

Another teacher favorite! Quality coffee or specialty teas are usually very well received. Turn to tasting boxes, it's even better!

Coffret dégustation Les 12 préférés de David, Les thés David’s tea – $ 24.95 (or 2 for $ 40, if you have more than one teacher to thank!)

A humorous book

If you bet on originality, this book by Quebec author Élise Gravel will certainly make you smile!

Les Leçons du professeur Zouf de Elise Gravel 11,95$

A decoration for the tree

It's an original idea! If she can remind him of the child in question, even better! You can have fun creating keepsake Christmas balls for the occasion! If you prefer to buy pre-made ornaments, classic designs will match most decor. We really like these little wooden reindeer!

The ornaments Little reindeer with a red nose, ensemble de 8, Simons – 7,50$

A gift card

Well, it's not a very personalized or original gift, but the teachers still love them. Especially those to buy coffee, quick meals near school, books / stationery or even office supplies.

A beautiful personalized card

Many teachers like to receive a thank you card for their good work, accompanied by a note or a drawing from the child. After all, it's the intention and the meaning that matters!

Finally, if you're good with your hands ...

Nice mittens and a nice toque so they can watch the children outside in the warmth!

Slippers for the home or sleepover days at school.

Recipes in jars; brownies, cookies with a cookie cutter. It really doesn't cost much and we can offer it to the daycare workers or even the bus driver!

Spices in small jars that can be found inexpensively at Dollarama.

Homemade chocolates or fudge, of course, you have to watch out for allergies, but it's so good!


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